Teaser Trailer

For Machinima we created an exclusive teaser trailer of Aurora! We created it in just 5 days – You can check out more in the Aurora-Club about how we made it!

It allows you to see what we want to bring on screen – Great visuals with a great story!



We’re trying to raise the production budget for Aurora through the meaningful crowdfunding platform “Kickstarter”!

On this website you can get some insight about the project, the crew and cast and our partners. Supporters of the film will have exclusive acces to a private section of this website called the “Aurora Club” with more detailed production updates and video diaries.

Support this project today and you can choose from the many cool rewards on the “Goodies” section! Help get Aurora made!


From DVDs, Blu-Rays, Posters, Movie Soundtracks or T-Shirts to actual roles in the film.

These are some of the goodies you get when supporting our project, feel free to check out our goodies section!

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Welcome to Aurora!

Aurora is an independent feature film written and directed by Robert Kouba that surpassed it’s funding goal on Kickstarter on the 26th of May!


The post-apocalyptic sci-fi film is set in 2080 – 60 years after machines have taken over our planet. Our story follows Andrew (Julian Schaffner) who encounters a car accident on the day of the uprising, in 2020. He wakes up 60 years later, in a world where the human race is almost extinct.

On his path he comes across a girl named Callie (Jeannine Wacker) who ventures north to reach a long-rumored stronghold called Aurora. The last human reserve. While on constant watch for the machines, they develop feelings for each other until a horrendous discovery tears their relationship apart. Andrew is not human.

Kickstarter is over – But you can still support!

We set up a successful Kickstarter campagn which allows the fans to be a part of something big. Even though our Kickstarter campaign is over – You can still donate and help the project while getting some cool rewards!

You can still support the project!